Spirit 9200 – 2 row bunker offset harvester

New: Spirit 9200 – a new level in 2-row potato harvesting

Proven concept

The machine’s construction spells out AVR. The well-known AVR digging unit takes care of the potato influx. The potatoes are then transported to a digging web and a 1st sieving web (with agitator), after which a haulm web (with underneath a 2nd and 3rd sieving web and an in-line pintle belt) ensures an efficient haulm separation. After that, a final soil and clump separation is conducted on the transversal pintle belt (above which either a 3-row rotary comb, a retaining roller set or a 2×2-row rotary comb is mounted). The potatoes pass via the picking-off table with room for about 6 workers to finally end up in the 8+ ton bunker.

Distinguishing characteristics of the Spirit 9200:

All sieving webs, pintlebelts, retaining rollers etc. are hydraulically driven, which makes this machine extremely maintenance- and user-friendly. For instance, the web speeds can be configured in relation to the driving speed, which ensures an adequate anticipation of all harvesting conditions.

It is also possible to install a cross roller set before the pintlebelt module. This set excels in flexibility. Numerous configuration possibilities ensure that the harvester can be used under nearly all harvesting conditions, from soft soil in dry conditions to dense soil after several weeks of rain. As the cross roller set immediately sieves out a large amount of soil and clumps, the capacity of the pintlebelts and therefore the machine augments considerably. The cross roller set consists of turbine rollers and smooth rollers that are mounted transversally to the product flow. When all rollers are spinning in the same direction, the potatoes are quickly transported to the ensuing pintlebelt. When an intensive soil and clump separation is called for, the distance between the spiral and plain rollers can be increased and the plain rollers can be made to spin in the opposite direction. This causes the machine’s capacity to increase dramatically.

The installation of a 3rd sieving web or an optional cross roller set ensures a larger separation surface for removing haulm, which increases the efficiency of the haulm web.

Furthermore, the rear axle was redesigned, which allows the mounting of a dual air tyre on the left side. This is beneficial when open harvesting the fields, and increases the machine’s stability, even at high driving speeds.

The machine is operated by means of a stylish and orderly touchscreen, and frequently used functions can be accessed by means of the intuitive joystick, which makes the Spirit 9200 extremely user-friendly.