Spirit 6100 – single row bunker offset harvester

New in the Spirit family!

The international market frequently asks for a single row bunker potato harvester with a larger capacity. In order to fulfill this, we developed a fully new machine with a good basis of the existing single row. The cleaning unit, the pintle belts, rotary comb and haulm web were directly taken over from the Spirit 4100.
The biggest difference is the content of the bunker. Previously, the machine could take up 4000 kg, now it can transport 6000 kg in combination with the bunker optimizer. This substantially increases the capacity of the machine, since less time is spent discharging.  In order to give the machine the right stability in combination with a large bunker, a completely new chassis was developed. With an increased track gauge and an ideal bunker position on the machine it is very stable. The digging web is now 80 cm large (previously 75 cm). The length also increased. Consequently, the sieving capacity increases as well. The intake from 90 cm ridges is also effortless. The digger unit is renovated as well and based upon the standard AVR digger unit. This means an attached frame, synthetic or diabolo, big haulm intake rollers and an easy depth adjustment. The diabolo and disks are trailed.