Vision control

The new Vision Control storage computer is designed with the following principles: an easy to use system that shows a lot of information to the user and optimal control capabilities.

Comprehension by overview

The schematic overview of the storage and the functional combined settings result in a quick overview of the current status. If required settings can be adjusted with a instantly visible result.

Tables and graphs

The registered data can be presented in self composed graphs. The graphs can be zoomed in and out easily so that the storage process can be analyzed in detail. Of course export of data is possible.

Intelligent energy management

In large scale companies there is an increasing need to synchronize the required and available energy. Vision Control can be delivered with an integrated energy management program. With this the peak power consumption can be limited by maintaining product quality.

Large colour touch screen
Suitable for up to 25 groups
Extensive recording of data and control actions
Explanation of control actionsIntelligent energy management