Smart Graders: electronic grading

Miedema Smart Graders. Electronic grading with cameras that inspect your tubers from all sides. Advanced software then analyses the images very quickly which enables grading by diameter, square dimension, tuber shape and quality. The sorting capacity of the Smart Grader SG 400 (4 row) is 4 to 10 tons per hour and that of the Smart Grader SG 600 (6 row) is 5 to 15 tons per hour, depending on the average tuber weight, under optimal conditions.

The top in grading

Miedema Smart Graders guarantee accurate size and quality. The capacity is high and the number of output channels can run up to no fewer than 12! Maintenance-friendly and excellent access for cleaning and periodical maintenance. Including full registration of the grading process and online support and service by modem.

Miedema Smart Graders: meeting all your requirements

CP 62 / 82 cup planters: higher capacity with the same accuracy

Excellent introduction of the new Miedema CP 62P (6 row) cup planter.

The new Miedema 6 and 8 row cup planters are equipped with a big hopper (with 6 rows it contains 7000 kg, hydraulic drive of the planting belts and steered rear wheels. The planter is fully controlled with HMI terminal in the cabin. The farmers where very enthusiastic about handling of the planter, the rugged construction of the machine and very high planting capacity (8-10 km/hour) even with cut seed.

CP 42 cup planters: more accurate than ever!

Miedema CP 42 cup planters. The ultimate innovative choice for farmers for several reasons. The large upper roller in combination with an extremely small lower roller of the planting channel ensure the best available planting accuracy. Available with either a mechanical or a hydraulic drive and either a fixed or a hydraulically adjustable hopper.

Miedema: also for cut seed potatoes or seed potatoes with shoots

The planting element of the Miedema CP 42 cup planter features a large moving bed across the entire width of the planting element – ideal for the transfer of cut seed potatoes or seed potatoes with shoots. The large upper roller features a large sight window. The optical misses check ensures maximum reliability during planting. It also offers excellent soil following of the furrow openers due to two wide, easily height adjustable tractor thread depth control wheels.

Miedema CP 42 cup planter: meeting all your requirements

Miedema CP42 Trailed
3 ton hopper / fertilizerunit / spraying system / hydraulically driven / ridging hood / steered axle for GPS guidance